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FAUNA Research Alliance's conservation projects draw together the skills and capacity of people, communities and organisations across Australia to ensure our unique wildlife, their populations, and the ecosystems they maintain are secure for future generations. Help us to achieve this!


Australia & New Zealand have suffered 57 fauna extinctions in the past 200 years

Our amphibians, birds, reptiles and mammals remain at risk.

59Amphibians at risk
177Birds at risk
147Reptiles at Risk
117Mammals at Risk

My latest story on @ABCscience! 🐨👇Thanks to @JamesPurtill !

How we used #drones to help find #koalas + where drone tech needs to go to become a standardised tool for our threatened biodiversity!

@lachlan_gh @Uni_Newcastle @NSWDPIE @tarongazoo

Human reproductive technologies like sperm freezing and IVF could be used to save threatened species.

And it can save costs too, writes @Uni_Newcastle's @lachlan_gh + John Clulow:

Modelling by @lachlan_gh from @UON_research shows #biobanking of endangered species...
✅Improves genetic fitness of captive-bred animals
✅Requires fewer animals to be held in captivity
✅Results in a significant reduction in cost

One of the most important papers we have published in years! Backcrossing banked founder sperm makes genetic retention targets feasible and allows up to 25 x the number of species in captive conservation programs for the same cost. @lachlan_gh @MQBiology

Latest study by @lachlan_gh out #openaccess in @ConLetters!

We collaborated with @Uni_Newcastle, @Macquarie_Uni, @MQBiology & @austmus!

#biobanking threatened #species makes previously unachievable #genetic retention targets possible in #zoos! ❄️🧬🐸

Port Stephens community to help koala research NSW. Researchers from @Uni_Newcastle, supported by @FAUNAresearch have launched a community survey to learn about koala population around Port Stephens. @DrRRwitt @lachlan_gh @shelbyr59

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