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FAUNA Research Alliance's conservation projects draw together the skills and capacity of people, communities and organisations across Australia to ensure our unique wildlife, their populations, and the ecosystems they maintain are secure for future generations. Help us to achieve this!


Australia & New Zealand have suffered 57 fauna extinctions in the past 200 years

Our amphibians, birds, reptiles and mammals remain at risk.

59Amphibians at risk
177Birds at risk
147Reptiles at Risk
117Mammals at Risk

Exciting new #PhD opportunity available in our research group. Work on a direct #frog #conservation project with awesome people, in awesome places, and with even more awesome species.
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My study on #biobanking for #frog #captivebreeding in @RepFertDev is the 3rd most read in the last 60 days! 🥉

Time for a thread 🧵

Can #zoos produce frogs better suited for release to the wild which have cost less to breed? #Biobanking could be the answer!

Photo: @PerthZoo

Big shoutout to the #research team @Rose_Upton1, @SimonClulow, @JohnClulow1, @DrRRwitt, @ConSCInet

And key collaborator orgs: @PerthZoo, @FAUNAresearch, @UON_research, @ConservationUon, @Macquarie_Uni, @UC_CCEG!

Another successful collaboration! 🐸❄️

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