The Reintroduction Handbook

The theoretical basis for rewilding is strong but there is a need to develop the knowledge base for its practical achievement, and documentary evidence of its environmental, social and economic benefits is needed to drive policy.  So integrating research in rewilding projects is essential.  

To provide a tool for professionals and community groups FAUNA RA is developing an electronic  ‘Reintroduction and Translocation Handbook’ that will be freely available here on our website.  The Handbook will be regularly updated as information flows from research including FAUNA RA’s rewilding projects to ensure it sets the standard for up to date best practice in rewilding.

This project proposes to develop a cutting edge electronic format publication that sets out the rationale for fauna reintroduction:

  • Places it in the global context of international conservation guidelines
  • Describes the benefits, costs, and risks
  • Describes the range of options from single species translocations to multi-species ecosystem restoration.
  • Provides information on current legislation and policies across jurisdictions.
  • Describes the process by which fauna translocations are achieved.
  • Identifies key factors that contribute to successful reintroduction and the importance and challenges of post-release monitoring.
  • Provides decision-makers with a detailed document showing how recovery plans, recovery actions, and reintroductions are linked to achieve positive conservation outcomes.

Funding is needed for a project manager and to support specialist workshops to gather data and develop the reintroduction handbook.

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