Our Management

Dr Carmen McCartney

COO & Company Secretary

Emeritus Prof. John Rodger

Executive Director & CEO

The Hon. Bob Debus


Our Alliance

FAUNA Research Alliance has 76 members with diverse interdisciplinary skills across conservation research and management. Some members involved in current projects are:

Prof. David Watson

Professor in Ecology | Charles Sturt University

Dr. Peter Mawson

Science Program Leader | Perth Zoo

Dr. Marissa Parrott

Reproductive Biologist | Zoos Victoria

Dr. David Taggart

Conservation Research Fellow | University of Adelaide

Dr. Frank Molinia

Reproductive Physiologist | Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research

A/Prof. John Clulow

Conservation Biologist | University of Newcastle

Dr. Justine O’Brien

Manager of Conservation Science | Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Dr. Simon Clulow

Conservation Research Fellow | Macquarie University

Prof. Dan Tompkins

Science Manager | Predator Free 2050 Ltd

Dr. Ryan Witt

Postdoctoral Conservation Scientist | University of Newcastle

Cecilia Myers

Director | Dunkeld Pastoral Co Pty Ltd

Mike Stevens

Conservation Manager | Parks Victoria

Dr. Lyn Hinds

Honorary Research Fellow | CSIRO Health and Biosecurity

Dr. Andy Sharp

Manager Planning and Programs | Dept. Environment and Water (SA)

Dr. Roger Wilkinson

Consultant Social Researcher | Independent

Dr. Alexandra Callen

Postdoctoral Conservation Scientist | University of Newcastle

Dr. Richard Hoff-Jakob

Manager of Conservation Science and Research | Auckland Zoo

Prof. Kerrie Mengersen

Statistical Scientist | Queensland University of Technology

A/Prof. Bertram Ostendorf

Spatial Modelling | University of Adelaide

A/Prof. Stephen Johnston

Reproductive Biologist | The University of Queensland

Prof. Graeme Martin

Project Leader, UWA Future Farm 2050 | University of Western Australia

Dr. Adam Croxford

Molecular Geneticist | University of Adelaide

Dr. Rebecca Spindler

Executive Manager Science and Conservation | Bush Heritage Australia

Research Students

Some of our research student members involved in current projects are:

Lachlan Howell

PhD Candidate | Conservation Biology & Public Policy | University of Newcastle

Chad Beranek

PhD Candidate | Conservation Biology | University of Newcastle

Rose Upton

PhD Candidate | Reproductive/Conservation Biology | University of Newcastle

Shelby Ryan

Honours Student | Koala Threat Ecology & Conservation | University of Newcastle