Rewilding is the process where lost or missing ecosystem functions are returned to an area by returning the animals that provide the required functions naturally. FAUNA Research Alliance and Conservation

Little Desert Rewilding has Begun!

There’s an air of excited anticipation at Little Desert Lodge, near Nhill, in the Western Victoria Wimmerra, as long made plans are turning into on-ground action.  An innovative partnership between

FAUNA/WWF collaboration aims to bring Rock Wallaby back to ACT

The elusive Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby (Petrogale pencillata, also know as the Shadow) that once bounded up rock outcrops and grazed on the highland grasses, is now sadly extinct in the

Rewilding Little Desert

FAUNA Research Alliance’s ‘Rewilding the Desert’ project ambitiously aims to return the missing wildlife of the Wimmera and restore its complex and once dynamic ecosystem to sustainability. To achieve this,

Community engagement key to environmental restoration

The Australian countryside is facing unprecedented threats, with invasive species and agriculture diminishing ecosystems across already fragmented landscapes. Remnants of habitat are becoming increasingly isolated, biological processes disrupted and overall

Rewilding The Yorke Peninsula

The southern Yorke Peninsula (SYP) Island biodiversity project encompasses an area of some 120,000 hectares, at the end of a narrow peninsula approx 40 km wide and some 140 km

Rewilding the Grampians for Land Management

Weed invasion, pest animals, declining soil quality, exotic disease prevalence, declining seed dispersal and pollination rates are not just issues for farmers. The same set of problems are faced by