Research to support innovative Conservation Policy and Practice

This project will move to close the science-policy gap for Australian fauna conservation. Wildlife and the environment generally are neglected in funding and resource allocation from all levels of government and are often poorly represented in national public policy and decision making.

As a nation we are unlikely to solve our extinction crisis without new knowledge and innovation in tools and technology.

To achieve this we need to:

  • understand the needs of wildlife conservation practitioners.
  • optimise the direction of available research funds to meet the need.
  • understand the current and future conservation roles played by all sectors including government, non-government as well as agriculture and business.
  • perform the cost benefit analysis required to identify and develop the most cost-effective tools and technologies that can deliver transformational outcomes for wildlife conservation.

It is our ambition to raise $10k a year for additional student support for current honours and PhD students attempting to fill these research needs through desktop based social and economic research.

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