Rewilding the Desert

It’s easy to get involved

Conservation Volunteers and FAUNA Research Alliance are bringing together all our organisational skills and expertise to secure Australia’s most threatened species.  Our new initiative, Re-wilding the Desert, intends to secure the future of Australia’s threatened and endangered wildlife, and elevate Australia as a global leader in species conservation and research.

  • Rewilding Little Desert
    Wimmera region, Victoria

    Our Little Desert Project operates out of three properties owned by conservation volunteers

  • The Sanctuary

    A separate 120 hectares block also enclosed by an existing electrified predator exclusion fence

  • The Lodge

    110 hectares with an electrified predator exclusion fence encloses the property accommodation conference room, workshop and other infrastrucutre.

  • Salvana

    A private 1200 hectare Conservation Reserve of Mallee habitat linking the West and Central blocks of the Little Desert National Park.

Providing a solution to desert species extinction

A joint venture with conservation volunteers

The joint venture between Conservation Volunteers and FAUNA Research Alliance has brought two skillled organisations together whose combined expertise creates a momentum for change. This is the future for Australia’s wildlife conservation.

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per cent of the endemic mammals have been lost forever
Over the last 200 years
per cent of endemic mammals are assessed as threatened
That's one extinction per decade
per cent of Australian mammals are now extinct or threatened
An extraordinary rate
per cent of Australia's birds are extinct
A further 11.8% are listed as threatened